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Center Verse Master Post

Center Verse
By kaylynnkie  
Inspired by jaenivitechia  's CW Center

Summary: A dystopian AU where corporal punishment is doled out for breaking the law and is handled by dominants known as caseworker. Jensen is sent to the Center to receive correction and his caseworker, Jared, is too captivated by him. His professionalism becomes questionable.

Pairing: Jensen/Jared, Daneel/OFC, Misha/Vikki, and others mentioned

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: whipping, domination, strapping, humiliation, swearing, non-con, het, slash, femslash referenced


Afternoon Delight
Second Month
Cutting Class I, II
Safeword I, II, III
Fulfillment Coming soon!

Before Work

Title: Before Work
Disclaimer: Not mine
Pairing: slight Ginoza/Kougami
Summary: Ginoza finds himself unable to sleep
Word Count: ~300
Warnings/Rating: G
Notes: Written forclassics_lover's prompt: “Any, any, insomnia”

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Fic: Waistband

Title: Waistband
Author: kaylynnkie
Disclaimer: Not mine
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Summary: Arthur's hiding something under that suit, and Eames gets a peak at it.
Word Count: 748
Warnings/Rating: lace fetish
Notes: Written for natural_blue_26's prompt over at comment_fic; “ Any, any, lace-edged

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Fic: Appointment

Title: Appointment
Author: kaylynnkie
Disclaimer: Not mine
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Summary: AU in which Arthur is a professional Dom and Eames requires his services on Christmas Eve.
Word Count: 2,914
Warnings/Rating: D/s, objectification, pain play, unintentional edge play
Notes: Written for Anon's prompt over at inceptionkink; “ Their safeword is specificity. Eames can't remember it
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Fic: Coffee Cup

Title: Coffee Cup
Author: kaylynnkie
Disclaimer: Not mine
Pairing: Donna & Louis friendship
Summary: Every secretary needs her own coffee cup. This is the story of Donna's.
Word Count: 96
Warnings/Rating: Gen
Notes: Fourth Donna drabble
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Fic: New Office

Title: New Office
Author: kaylynnkie
Disclaimer: Not mine
Pairing: Rachel & Donna (friendship)
Summary: Rachel moves into her brand new office
Word Count: 98
Warnings/Rating: Gen
Notes: Third in my Donna drabbles
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Fic: Curfew

Title: Curfew
Author: kaylynnkie
Disclaimer: Not mine
Pairing: Harvey/Donna
Summary: Harvey's late and doesn't have a good excuse for Donna
Word Count: 100
Warnings/Rating: PG-13, insinuated D/s themes
Notes: Second instillation of my Donna centric drabbles
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Fic: Signature

Title: Signature
Author: kaylynnkie
Disclaimer: Not mine
Pairing: Donna/Jessica
Summary: Donna is at the office, after hours with Jessica
Word Count: 99
Warnings/Rating: R, implied sexual content, femslash
Notes: Part of my obsession with Donna

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